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As people age they are more likely to encounter various types of life events such as the deaths of loved ones or personal injury or illnesses. These types of events can have a major impact on their self-esteem, on their life satisfaction and their quality of life.

However, knowing how to effectively cope with these difficult life-changing circumstances can lessen the impact it has on one’s health and wellbeing.  Furthermore, having the right kind of help and support from various people and organizations can help people overcome difficulties during times of crisis.

This study helps us to better understand the types of difficult life events that are encountered by mature age Australians and how they managed to cope. Understanding how people cope with changing life circumstances that are often unexpected and challenging can help to identify those who are in need of further assistance so that they are not left feeling socially isolated.  Furthermore, helping or encouraging people to gain access to the right kind of services at the right time will support people to maintain a productive, balanced lifestyle.

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