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National Seniors Members earn a rate of 2.70% p.a. interest on a 12-month term.

Planning for retirement

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to a successful retirement.

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Learning as much as you can about your income options, reviewing your financial position and making a long-term financial plan are key to making sure your retirement is comfortable. Our information, tools and resources will help you on your way.

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A better retirement for everyone

Retirement Readiness Program

Retirement Readiness Program

Our Retirement Readiness Program will help you get set for a fulfilling retirement.

We're fighting for fairness

We're fighting for fairness

We know just how hard it is to plan when the rules keep changing. That's why we want certainty.

Great savings for you

Great savings for you

Cheaper petrol, gift cards, big savings on household appliances and a whole lot more - it pays to be a National Seniors member.

Just over half of survey participants say they are worried about outliving their savings and investments. There is a 68% higher risk of worry among those who aren't yet retired.

National Seniors and Challenger, Retirement income worry: Who worries and why?

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