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Yarra Ranges

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    Lillydale Lake Community Room, Lilydale Lake Road, Lilydale

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    Second Monday of the month at 7pm

About our branch

Yarra Ranges National Seniors

A warm welcome to Yarra Ranges Branch of the NSA. (covering approximately the Yarra Ranges Council Map area of the Yarra Ranges and Yarra Valley). We are a friendly, inclusive and active Branch of over 50s with a voice to Government.

Guests and visitors are most welcome to join us at any of our - Meetings (held on the 2nd Monday of the month) at the Lillydale Lake Comunity Room, Lilydale Lake Road, Lilydale. Our Guest Speakers are interesting, informative and cover many subjects.

Also we are involved in many Activities - 'Out & About', 'Dining Out', Saturday Walks and a variety of Entertainment (Morning Melodies, live theatre, live musicals theatre, films etc).

This Branch was first formed in 2006 and has during this time supported a variety of charities to improve the welfare of the community.


Happy Birthdays and Congratulations to

9 February John W

10 February Jean

11 February Judy J

16 February Sandra

18 February Pamela

23 February Patrick

We would like to celebrate your day! Don’t forget to email / phone your birthday & month to Lyn

Our President's Report

Hi Members,

Welcome to our new members – Pat, Boris and Lyn J.

Another year has ended. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to ‘man’ theAwareness Tent and the Lost Children Pavilion at the Lilydale & Yarra Valley Show in November. The Lilydale Street Fair was also good. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to ‘manned’ the Awareness Tent. As far as I know, no new members.

The EOY Picnic at the Lakeside Community Room was also good and it was good to sit around and chat, where we also acknowledge Alan’s ‘Casey Community Volunteer Award’ for his contribution to the community for 69years. Shirley was presented with a beautiful rose to acknowledge her support and involvement in Alan’s endeavours. Read more about this in further on in the ‘Grapevine’.

Happy Christmas everyone! See you in February 2024

Happy reading Trevor President

from the latest edition of the 'Yarra Ranges Grapevine'

General Information


Please ensure you use the ‘Yarra Ranges NSA Application Forms’ at the end of our ‘Grapevine’ News Letter (downloadable from this Website) and then give it to the Branch Secretary(Lyn). By using our form this informs NSA that you are a member of this Branch. The Branch receives an annual payment for your Membership.


Everyone needs to please text or email Chris with any changes they want to make after they have put their name down for an ‘Outing & About’ / ‘Dining Out’ / ‘Morning Melodies’. Also, if you put their name down for an ‘Outing & About’ / ‘Dining Out’ / ‘Morning Melodies’ please make sure you put it in your diary, so you don’t overlook or forget what you have made a commitment that day.


Please contact Pamela, our Welfare Officer, if you know of anyone who is unwell, having an operation, in need of help or has passed away within the family.


Have you been travelling? Have you attended a good show? Have you read a good book? Is there something you have experienced, that you would like to share with the members of the Branch? A story? One-liners? Photos from outings? Contact Lyn.

GUEST SPEAKERS for our branch meetings

If you have a suggestion for a ‘Guest Speaker’ please let a Committee Member know.

Relevant phone numbers and eMail addresses are included in our News Letter

Ferny Creek Horticultural Society's 'Flower Festival 2023'

Last Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at the Ferny Creek Horticultural Society’s Flower Festival 2023’. It was a great explosion for the senses with colours of every hue! Each category was judged and awards displayed. There was a $5 entry fee which helps support the enthusiastic volunteers who run and attend to the 4-hectare ornamental garden which was first established in 1957 on an old quarry site. With a cool climate, abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil. It creates ideal growing conditions for a wide range of plants. There is also a well-established section of older growth trees.

The Society holds four events a year – Plant Collectors Expo, Autumn Show, Spring Show & a Flower Festival. They also have 5 Specialists Groups – Australian Plants, Propagation, Training, Rhododendra & Camelia, Craft & Rock Garden.

Refreshments of light lunches, sausage sizzle and guided garden walks are available at the four events

if you have Idea's like this for an outing, Please let Chris know

Congratulating Alan Somers

Alan, One of our founding Members and the first President of our Branch, has been nominated by our YRNSA Committee to receive a ‘Casey Community Volunteer Award’ for his tireless volunteering to the Community.

Starting first in St Johns Ambulance in the Youth Cadet Program from the age of 12 years, Quartermaster in the Scouts for 20 years, volunteering for St Vincent de Paul since 2008 and continues to be involved and is now President of the Upper Yarra Area.

Alan organised, along with Maroondah Council, the Maroondah Art Show each year with the proceeds from the show being donated to the Bone Marrow Institute for over 29 years. After the Black Saturday February 2009 Bushfires, Alan and a team of 6 people from St Vinney’s drove to the worst affected areas for 6 days each week with vouchers for purchasing from local suppliers the resident’s needs. The areas covered were - Marysville, Taggarty, Buxton, King Lake, Alexander and Yea.

Alan’s team of 6 were on the scene again helping the Mallacoota fire residents in their hour of need with vouchers, driving there and staying from Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. It is the fundraising and welfare arm of St Vinney’s that make this support possible for the people affect by disasters.

Please congratulate our CCVA recipient Alan, along with Shirley for her support, in his amazing efforts and involvement in supporting the Victorian community. We acknowledge at our EOY Picnic in December, Alan’s achievements in obtaining the Casey Community Volunteer Award.

We also acknowledged the support and work Shirley has given to Alan over the past 65 years with a beautiful pink rose aptly named ‘Duet’.

Christmas Lunch and Raffle winners

Christmas dinner – Sunday 3 December Talk about no time to rest! The day after the Lilydale Street Fair we were seen relaxing at Yering Meadow Golf Club for our annual Christmas Dinner of our choice from the menu of three main courses and three dessert courses, just had to remember what we had pre-ordered?? It was a great venue with a fantastic view across the Yarra River Valley, Yarra Glen and the Christmas Hills in the background. All 44 of us agreed that the meal was good too and the staff friendly and helpful. Our Christmas Raffle was a great success as usual with 14 shopping bag size prizes to be won. Some of the lucky bags had a piece of Elaine’s patchwork as an added bonus!

The winners were – Dorne, Vlada, Alan S, Ann, Trevor, Elaine, Janice, Robyn, Chris, Alan S, Lorraine Sc, Kathy, Ruby (c/- Julie O), Kathryn S

Letting our community know what we do

Lilydale & Yarra Valley Show 2023 -

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November We had our ‘Awareness Tent’ set up in our usual spot opposite the Stage and when we weren’t chatting to passersby we were totally entertained by our talented locals. The weekend was overcast, but it didn’t stop a great crowd from attending on both days. We handed out our brochures and talked to fair number of over 50s about our Branch and the good work that National Seniors Australia do in the interest of older Australians and that we are the only Seniors group that lobby and advocate with a voice to Government. Our stalwarts of ‘Working with Children’ card holders presided over the ‘Lost Children’ area. Think we had a lost child for a short time this year – well done everyone!

One of our members, Hughie, who entered his much-prized Bonsai in this year’s Show won in every section – 1st Novice Bonsai – any type, 1st One Container of any Single Trunked Bonsai – any type, 1st One Container of any Group Plantings of Bonsai – any style and Best Exhibit Ribbon.

Lilydale Street Fair 2023 –

Saturday 2 December It was certainly a damp day with misty rain on and off all day. At our ‘Awareness Tent’ we had ‘Lucky Dip’ for children 4 – 12 years and our Brochure handed out to and a chat with, the more senior people to spread the word of our great Branch. The Street Fair parade was led by a College Drum core with colourful characters and classic cars. There was a Main Stage with various performances, market stalls of locally made handcrafts, produce and wares. Family Zone with free children’s activities, entertainers and animals. Lilydale based social enterprises, non-for-profit community groups and services. Lilydale CFA had an Open Day with activities and vehicle displays.

Photo Gallery

Yarra Ranges branch of NSA meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at the 'Lillydale Lake Community Room' 435a Swansea Road, Lilydale. 

3  times a year we have a Dinner Meeting  at various venues instead of attending the Centre. Please refer to our Grapevine
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A Motley Crew, abroad in regional Victoria trying to purchase a Silo or two of wheat.
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Classy Glassy lake in our backyard.
Walking along the Yarra River at Warrandyte after our Fish'n'Chips by the Yarra.
It was a perfect evening.
Sunrise over our 'Yarra Ranges' 
Branch area.
It was a great evening at the Lilydale Bowling Club.
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What a great day's outing!
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Yarra Ranges NSA members visiting Cottage by The Sea.



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