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Feeling unsteady on your feet?

Reduced mobility and strength can be challenging. But working with a Feros Care exercise physiologist like Danielle can really help you to increase strength and gain confidence in your everyday life.

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  • Feros Care offers a range of in-home clinical care services to aid physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health and fitness – such as exercise physiologists.  

  • Feros Care exercise physiologists can develop a specially tailored approach for you. You can regain strength to perform daily activities with confidence. 

Whether it’s hanging clothes on a washing line, reaching into a cupboard, or picking something up from the floor, if an everyday task has suddenly become more difficult, it can have a huge impact on our lives.  

Feros Care offers allied health services specially tailored to the individual and their goals – so you can get out and about with confidence, or simply become more comfortable in your own home. 

One of Feros Care’s exercise physiologists, Danielle, explains that poor balance can be “associated with both reduced mobility of joints and reduced muscle strength”. 

So how do you get stronger in those muscles and increase that mobility? Take 91-year-old Feros Care client, Anne, for example.  

As one of nine growing up on a farm, Anne has always been on the go. Nowadays, although still full of life, her health issues have slowed her down physically.  

Most notably, poor balance and loss of muscle strength have affected her mobility, whether it be getting out and about for a walk with her close friend or moving around the house for basic day-to-day tasks. 

After her walking buddy – who used to work in aged care – noticed that she was suddenly “shuffling”, Anne decided to seek extra support from the allied health services available through Feros Care. 

Enjoying weekly visits with Anne, Danielle has created a personalised plan with some very easy strength and flexibility exercises. Some of these are completed with Danielle, and others in Anne’s spare time, every one or two days. 

“I look forward to her visits and doing the exercises. She’s very pleasant and she puts up with me!” says a smiling Anne with her signature sense of fun. 

Read the full story here 

Are you feeling unsteady on your feet like Anne? Or noticed your mobility is not the same?

Feros Care offers a range of in-home clinical care services to aid physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and overall health and fitness. 

Feros Care's team support clients living with a wide range of health conditions by working with them to develop strategies to help manage their ongoing symptoms and regain functional independence.

Let them know what your needs are by calling 1300 418 418, or request a callback by filling out the form on their website. Feros Care will work with you to understand what’s important to you and develop a plan to meet your needs. 

It might help to prepare for the consultation by writing down information that describes the problem, such as: 

  • Your symptoms 

  • How often they occur 

  • Specific times of the day or activities 

  • Your current medication 

  • Anything else you want to share.

What are the costs?

Health services such as physiotherapy or exercise physiology can be arranged under all Feros Care community aged care funding programs, including Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Home Care Package (HCP), and Short-term restorative care (STRC). Alternatively, these services can also be funded privately.  

Speak to the friendly team on 1300 418 418 for further information about your options, eligibility, and availability of funding, or visit to learn more. 

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