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Countdown to change: your urgent update as 3G network closes down

The clock is ticking! Learn more about the 3G shutdown and how you can upgrade your network for less with Konec Mobile.

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Key points

  • Countdown is on: Vodafone ceased its 3G network on 15 December 2023, with Telstra and Optus following in June and September 2024 respectively. 
  • It’s necessary to upgrade: Over 2-3 million 3G-only devices, including phones, security alarms, medical devices, and more, are set to be affected. Users of 3G-only devices must upgrade to 4G or higher to maintain connectivity for calls, texts, and internet browsing. 
  • Your partner for this transition: Konec Mobile, using the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, eases the transition to 4G and 5G. With easy sign-up and customer service support, Konec offers a smooth process. 
  • A National Seniors Offer: Explore how you can upgrade your network for less with Konec Mobile, featuring a special 50% discount on the Oppo A38 device when purchased with a Konec 90-day or 365-day plan. 
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In the swiftly evolving world of technology, updates can be crucial.

Many of us have been comfortably cruising along with our reliable 3G-only mobile devices, but the landscape is about to shift dramatically.

It’s not just a tech trend; it’s a countdown.

The familiar 3G networks we’ve leaned on are now marching towards obsolescence. Vodafone initiated the countdown by closing its 3G towers on 15 December 2023, signalling a pivotal shift in the Australian telco landscape.

Telstra is next in line, with a looming shutdown on 30 June 2024, followed by Optus in September 2024. The clock is ticking for those still using 3G-only devices.  

As a reminder, the urgency stems from the fact that 3G technology can no longer keep pace with the demands of our digital lives.

If you’re still using a 3G-only mobile device for calls, texts, or internet browsing, the impending shutdown means you’re on borrowed time. To stay connected, an upgrade to a 4G or higher device is non-negotiable.

Recent reports highlight that millions of Australians are unaware of this impending tech upheaval. This is a collective challenge, especially for those who might not prioritise mobile upgrades.

The impact goes beyond smartphones because critical medical devices and various other technologies hinge on 3G networks, directly affecting the well-being of many individuals.

There are many resources online so you can look up your specific device to see if it will be affected in the 3G shutdown.

Upgrading isn’t just a shift; it’s a leap forward. Moving from the older, slower 3G network to the newer, faster, and more efficient 4G and 5G technologies promises a transformative digital experience.

Think faster internet browsing, smoother video streaming, improved call quality, and seamless use of data-intensive apps.

Konec Mobile: Your partner in the countdown

How can you navigate this countdown with confidence? Enter Konec Mobile, your partner to help guide you in this technological transition.

Picture Konec as your trusted companion to transition off 3G and onto 4G without complications or breaking the bank.

Konec Mobile operates on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, a trusted Australian network.

The process of switching might seem daunting, but Konec Mobile simplifies it.

The sign-up is straightforward, allowing you to keep your current number or choose a new one from the available options.

Need extra assistance? Konec Mobile has your back. Their customer service team is ready to assist at every step.

Whether you prefer email or a good old-fashioned phone call, they are just a click or dial away at or 1300 4 KONEC.

Upgrade for less: A National Seniors Offer

As the countdown continues, Konec Mobile has an exclusive offer to propel your transition into the 4G era.

Get 50% off a brand new 4G device, the OPPO A38, when you opt for either a Konec $60, 90-Day or Konec $259, 365-Day Plan. 

This incredible phone, retailing at $259, can be yours for just $129 with the plan. This deal is a Konec Mobile exclusive, ensuring unmatched value.  

If the OPPO A38 isn’t your style, Konec Mobile offers a range of other Prepaid Phone Bundles, each with a discounted phone bundled with a prepaid plan on their network. 

Konec Mobile prioritises affordability without compromising on quality. Check out the NSA Konec partner page to learn more about how you can get 10% off any full-priced Konec Mobile bundle or plan. 

Embrace the change

Change can be intimidating. The 3G shutdown isn’t a roadblock; it’s your pathway to an enhanced mobile experience.

Konec Mobile is committed to providing top-quality mobile network services, unbeatable value, and the support you need during this countdown.

Want to learn more about Konec Mobile? Head to their partner page on the NSA website or directly to for more information as the countdown ticks on.

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