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How to remain living independently at home for longer

Accessing the right home care services will allow you to remain safe in your own home.

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Key questions

  • Don’t know where to start?

  • How can I access home care services?

  • What services are available?

  • What will it cost me?

  • How do I know who a quality provider is?

Being able to stay in your own home, where you’re the most comfortable and where everything is familiar, is incredibly important – as long as it is safe.

There are significant benefits to being able to stay in your local area and in the home you love, surrounded by family and friends. 70% of respondents in National Seniors Suitable Housing in Later Life survey believed their home would be suitable for them in later life while 19% said it would not.

“I want my own base to live and feel grounded,” said one survey respondent.

One of the obstacles to suitability mentioned included a lack of available home assistance. The good news is there is a huge number of home care services available that aim to ensure you can stay safely and happily in your own home for as long as possible.

You can choose to pay privately for home care services, access government subsidies, or a combination of the two.

The government provides generous support through the Home Care Package Program. Available to any Australia resident over the age of 65, the package is designed to help older Australians remain safely at home and connected to the community without having to do everything themselves or rely heavily on their family members and friends.

Try CareAbout’s Home Care Calculator to see how much you or your loved one could receive in government subsidies to help you stay living independently at home.

How to choose a quality Home Care provider

Selecting and comparing providers can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that their care is of a high standard and the provider will take the time to get to know and understand you.

Here are 10 questions to consider asking when choosing a home care provider:

  • What do you value? 

Seek to understand the importance they place on their customers’ quality of life and individual differences and how your values align with what the provider is saying is important to them.

  • How long have you been in business? 

The length of time an organisation has been in business does not necessarily equate to the quality of care, but it is useful to know. Ensure they are accredited by the Commonwealth government and meet the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Standards.

  • Will you involve me and my loved ones in decisions about my care? 

All home care providers are required to involve you and your loved ones in deciding what care and support will meet your needs and is tailored to your preferences and goals.  

  • Will you ensure there is a good match between me and my carer?

You may have preferences or special needs to consider such as language considerations or you’d prefer someone who enjoys a hobby you enjoy.

  • Will I receive care from the same people?

It is difficult to receive good care if different people show up every week. A good home care provider will be concerned with continuity of care and ensure there is a pool of care workers who you are familiar with.

  • Do you directly employ support workers or rely on contract workers?

Directly employing carers means that the staff are properly trained and have ongoing support from the provider they work for, providing better consistency and quality of care.

  • What qualifications, experience, and training do carers have?

Find out if carers’ credentials are regularly updated and undergo a thorough, professional testing and screening process.

  • Do you conduct a home visit before starting the service?

Customer and family members should discuss the kind of care needed with a care manager. This will help you determine if a provider can meet your specific needs.

  • What do your customers say?

Review testimonials and see what customers say about their experiences. A good provider prides itself on positive feedback and will make this freely available. 

  • What if I’m unhappy with my carer?

Find out if there is a formal complaints process and determine whether you feel confident that it will be followed up and resolved if you have a concern.

Finding the right Home Care provider can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to do it alone.

CareAbout can help you by providing you with advice, and support and match you with a reliable provider who can meet your needs.

CareAbout takes quality seriously, which is why they only work with a select panel of providers. CareAbout’s partners must all meet high-quality benchmarks and are carefully evaluated to ensure they are customer-focused in every way.

Contact CareAbout today on 1300 722 518 and they’ll help you find the right aged care option for you with no stress, no obligation and at no cost to you.

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