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The allure of luxury at sea

How upscale passenger shipping lines like Silversea have reinvented the cruising experience.

Do you fancy taking a cruise but feel a little confused about the range of available options?

You may have seen advertisements featuring huge ships geared towards the party crowd or families with small children.

If that doesn’t seem quite like the experience you’re looking for, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to see the world – or the parts of it that interest you – in style and comfort.

In recent years, many travellers have turned to upscale companies such as Silversea to indulge in a truly luxurious, relaxing, and intimate cruising experience.

You could see this as a return to a more genteel style of travel that offers all the advantages of cruising with an added level of personal service and attention to detail.

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If you’re wondering about the overall appeal of cruising, here are five good reasons to set sail:

  • It’s inclusive (more or less). The price you pay includes everything you need – accommodation, as much food as you can eat, live entertainment, and a variety of ports of call. On many cruise lines, you will pay extra for alcohol, internet, shore excursions and gratuities, but some offer truly all-inclusive experiences.

  • You’re not always dragging your luggage around with you. You can unpack on arrival and simply let the destinations come to you.

  • You can do it your own way. Set your own style – wear casual clothing or get dressed up to the nines – and go at your own pace – just relax by the pool or in the bar or hit the gym and sign up for an adventure activity.

  • The entertainment is free. Live music, dance performances, magic, comedy … it’s all there, and the standard is generally very high.

  • You can do it on almost any budget. Prices range from a few hundred to a thousand or more dollars a day.

Of course, a luxury experience comes at a premium price.

Choosing a top-tier cruise line such as Silversea is about embracing sophistication and discovery.

It means:

  • Small overall passenger numbers and a high crew-to-passenger ratio to ensure more attentive and personalised service.

  • Inclusions that are paid-for optional extras on other lines.

  • Fine dining from menus designed by the world’s leading chefs and comprising the finest possible ingredients.

  • Direct access to destinations, such as shallower ports or difficult-to-navigate passages, that the mega-ships can’t reach.

  • Onboard lectures and enrichment programs.

  • Premium excursions and expedition-style itineraries.

  • An exclusive onboard ambience.

The first step towards finding your perfect luxury cruising experience is to contact experts such as the team at National Seniors Travel. Their experience in matching seniors with enriching and exciting holiday experiences is unrivalled. 


Brett Debritz

Brett Debritz

Communications Specialist, National Seniors Australia

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