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Later Life Learning: Unlocking the Potential for Productive Ageing

Engagement in learning throughout life has been linked to economic, social and health benefits.

Unfortunately, individuals who are the most likely to benefit from continued learning are the least likely to participate.

As older adults become an increasing proportion of the population, it is important to consider the role that later life learning may play in unlocking the potential for productive ageing.

This report was commissioned with a view to achieving three objectives:

To promote greater awareness of the significance of learning in later life and its relationship to productive ageing; To stimulate more serious debate about the role, place and value of later life learning in Australia; and To ensure that the educational needs of older people are included in wider Government policy. This report shows that later life learning is different in scope, range, purpose, content and mode of engagement compared to the learning normally undertaken earlier in life. The challenge is to provide a broader range of suitable places where older people can come together to pursue interests together.

With increasing numbers of older adults in Australia, better policies in this area would lead to higher levels of wellbeing for many older Australians.

Download the full report below.

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