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National Seniors works with government, its agencies and business to ensure older Australians have the tools they need to get online.

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The personal computer (PC) has come a long way since they first entered our homes in the 1980s.

Since that time, computers have become so much more powerful and revolutionised not only how we work in business but also our personal activities. Before the rise of smart phones and tablets, PCs and laptops were the best way to connect with the internet, play video games, as well as store music, photos and files.

While the old PC may be being left behind for smaller, more mobile devices, there is still a very special role that computers hold in our households. National Seniors works with government, its agencies and business to ensure older Australians have the tools they need to get online.

Mobile Phones

As something that used to make and receive phone calls, the humble mobile phone has had some substantial improvements over the years.

Now mobile phones can send messages, play games, take pictures, store and play music, arrange your social calendar, direct you places, remind you to do things and tell you the weather for your local area.

There are many different phone brands, using many different operating systems, but one thing is for sure – we don’t know where we’d be without them sometimes.


Along with our smart phones, tablet computers are another device that allow us to stay connected while we’re mobile.

We use them as a portable computer outside the home or office, an entertainment hub for music, gaming, video and books, an organiser or diary, or just to browse the web while watching TV.

There are a range of tablet options out there, from the popular Apple iPad to Android and Windows tablets built by brands such as Samsung, Asus and Sony.

The Internet

Through the Internet you can connect with others, near or far, via social networks, chat rooms, email or video calls.

You can find information, whether that’s through news websites, your favourite blog, video sharing sites or discussion boards.

You can also be entertained, playing games, completing puzzles, watching videos or reading reviews on all the latest releases.

While the sheer volume of information and websites might seem daunting at first, the World Wide Web is a great source of information and entertainment that’s just waiting to be explored

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