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We represent the interests of older Australians through our advocacy, research and information services.

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We lobby the government for changes that benefit older Australians.

We lobby the government for changes that benefit older Australians.

Through world-class research and advocacy, we have been able to represent the diverse needs of older Australians for more than 40 years.

Thanks to our members regular contributions and feedback, National Seniors is able to lobby government for changes that benefit all older Australians. We do this via the media, in person (by meeting with politicians and stakeholders), and through our public submissions.

There's strength in numbers - and our publications reflect the hard work of many.

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Want to read more about our research or meet the team?

Meet the talented faces behind our research department! Read the reports based on your answers in our various surveys, polls and focus groups!

We listen, we gather evidence and we fight for change for older Australians everyday.

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Become a member

As a not-for-profit organisation, your membership directly funds our Advocacy and Research work. It helps us fight to fix pension poverty, tackle the cost of living and health care, improve aged care and fairness in retirement income.

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Donate to our advocacy campaigns

Donate to our advocacy campaigns

Your gift today can help fix pension poverty, rebuild the retirement income system and provide more home care places so that older Australians can live safely and make ends meet.